Grinding machine

for centuries jagged or frayed edges were perithecial grinding stones grit 100-200 units. Although this method is quite suitable .many people prefer to sharpen the blade of planes and chisels on high speed grinding machines, carpentry or low-speed mechanical grinding stones from wetting with water.

grinding machine – this machine is designed for sharpening cutting tools. For example, the equipment can sharpen knives, cutters, drill bits and so on.

On this machine it is possible to conduct such operations as grinding, trimming, roughing, finishing details.

grinding machines


grinding machines have a relatively simple and reliable design.

electric Motor drives the working tool, which is installed on stationary relative to the machine spindle. Preparation, basically, not fixing, is served in the manual.

Many machines of this type have dvusmyslennoe performance.

Additionally, the machine can be installed: protective screens, lighting, built-in indent.

grinding machine


is Conventionally divided into three groups:

small model («electrotactile»);

medium model

large grinding machines.

Small model called the machine table format. Used grinding wheels having a diameter up to 175 mm.

Average model called machine outdoor performance. Used grinding wheels having a diameter up to 350 mm.

Large grinding machines of industrial production. Used grinding wheels having a diameter up to 400 mm and more.

types of grinding or sharpening

high-speed machine


the Motor is a standard carpenter’s grinding machine (bench grinder) capacity from 0.25 to 0.75 HP (0, 1 84-0,552 kW) drives the two grinding wheel of aluminum oxide with a speed of about 3,000 rpm Diameter of grinding most of the circles is 125-200 mm. For sharpening blades it is better to use larger circles, because the circles of small diameter will make surface grinding excessively concave. The circles can be changed, but most had come with one coarse and one fine-grained circle.

high speed bench grinder equipped with guard circles with a transparent cover to prevent accidents and to protect the eyes. Before each round set the adjustable stop for the sharpened tool. Each knife must be securely attached to your desktop. High-speed sharpening sharpen the tool quickly. Using a set of sharpening stones, grinding and felt circles, wire brushes NII can also carve, clean and Polish all kinds of metal products.


Abrasive wheels rubber base


After the formation of the bevel grinding is usually the blade is adjusted (straightened) at the grindstone. However, you can edit chisels and planer knives and grinded using circles of neoprene rubber with entered into the silicon carbide. The circles with diameter from 1 00 to 1 50 mm oil — and water-resistant and are available in three categories: large-, medium — and fine-grained.

the Normal range of sharpening, rotating towards you, but grinding wheel, rubber-based should be rotated to the blade is not damaged relatively soft material. If your grindstone without reverse and can not rotate in the opposite direction, it is possible to handle the blade on the side of the circle.


the Grindstone with a water wetting


the Usual problem is overheating of the blade is eliminated by the use of slow speed bench grinder with a water wetting. The speed of rotation of the circle is only 500 rpm and a constant wetted with water from a special tank mounted on the car. The default universal circle with grit 1000 units but it is easy to change it to, say, a circle of grain or 1 80 6000 unit. the Last category is used in the final finishing of the cutting edge.

grinding machine


Abrasive machining of tools, structures, products — one of the purposes of grinding machine.

grinding machines produce such operation as grinding and polishing of organic glass. Steel forged parts can be subjected to grinding laps of different grits. The grinding and polishing can also make use about the treatment of Windows. (Building construction, sanitary products, too polished, and polished).

Sharpening and sanding small hand tools is carried out on desktop machines. Sharpening the cutters is carried out on a medium size machine tools. Roughing, trimming, grinding parts is carried out in large machines.

There are differences between grinding machines. So for chamfering and Burr there are grinding machines, but if you make them a polishing and grinding products already have to use special devices. There are grinding machines which carry out sharpening tools and bench tools, roughing of various parts (for such operations, these machines originally).

Electrotactile allows you to manually sharpen a woodworking and metal cutting tools. You can apply for turning abrasive or diamond wheels.

it is Possible to produce a decorative finish. Circles of different grits allow you to decorate with forged steel parts.

Types of grinding circles


There are several types of sharpening, has some advantages as high-speed grinding and dressing on the stone with water wetting. With one edge of such a machine is installed, for example, a circle of aluminum oxide, and the other, through a reducer, the circle with water wetting, rotating in a special bath.

Slim blade sharpening is carried out on the circle. In other machines combined standard grinding wheel, for example, a felt circle or abrasive belt, which is not as fast as a stone, and when •brining• can be replaced with.

Clean up grinding wheel

Grinding wheels of aluminium oxide cease to function effectively when they are clogged with particles of metal. Clean (or rule) the circle with the help of special tools colecionista, pressing it into a rotating circle. Another way is the use of carborundum block.

how to sharpen

Sharpening a chisel or knife rubanochnuju

Much worn blade regrind on the coarse first round, and then proceed to a more fine-grained categories.

Before grinding a new bevel on the blade of a chisel or planer to check the cutting edge of a square. If the wear is uneven, check the very thin marker .a line that is perpendicular to the lateral sides of the blade. Install the support tool at a distance of approximately 3 mm from the circle, make sure it is securely fastened and wearing safety glasses, turn on the machine.


Dip the blade in water and pressed against the abutment with a taper down gradually serve in the direction of the circle. When it comes to range, all the time move it the entire width of the edge hone to prevent overheating. Every few seconds, submerge blade in water.


after the perpendicular, turn the grindstone and move the focus to the canvas at an angle of about 25 degrees to a circle. Turn on the machine and continue in the previous manner, vitcheva now even bevel across the blade width. Do not press too hard and cool fabric, regularly dipping it in water or using a special spray, holding the cloth with one hand.


If the metal is heated to a temperature, which gives it a blue color, he will lose the tempering and will not remain permanently sharp cutting edge. In this case the only solution is to whittle down Bogolubova section of the blade.

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