Drilling glass

Glass is a difficult material to handle. And in order to subject it to any impacts, for example, drilling, carefully, step by step approach to this process. In addition, for performing the processing, use a special drill.< / span>


commonly used drill bits for glass

Drill bit used for glass processing, has the form of a rod that has a pointed tungsten carbide plate at the end edges and with abrasive or diamond coated.


Also, in practice there are cases of solid carbide drills that are typically used for concrete.

glass Drilling can be carried out using conventional drill bits for metal. However, before use it must be tempered. The drill should be sharp, not blunt.

of Course that drills on metal, drill bits for concrete differ from those of special drill bits for glass first of all form. So, when processing glass such drills should be extremely careful.

glass Drilling is performed using drill rod which is of soft metal. At the same time on the glass to cause the abrasive mixture before moistened with water. The abrasive serves to okrashivanie glass in the area of the hole, the metal rod – the means which transmits the rotation of the drill to the abrasive.

Consider the process of drilling glass. The first step is to put the glass on the surface. Of course, the surface should be smooth, so the glass is against it. If this basic condition does not comply, then when drilling the glass will crack. Well, if you work with hot glass, it will burst into tiny fragments.

the drilling Place, we must constantly be wet. For this purpose: water, kerosene, turpentine.

Accordingly, this simple action is necessary in order to remove heat from the tool and soften the cut. You can dip the drill in the liquid or pour it in the working area.

power Drill needs to rotate in the 400-700 rpm On the drill it is not recommended to do a strong push, so that the glass is not cracked.

When you should work slowly and gently press a drill, not to forget to wet the working area.

To prevent slipping of the drill bit on the glass, it can be mounted using the template from the tree.

For polishing the holes you can use a paste GOI, but before that the hole should be flushed with water.

As we can see, when processing the glass must be neat and focused. One wrong action leads to the fact that the glass cracks. Therefore, it is necessary to follow simple rules when drilling this kind of material.

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