Drill ceramics, brick and stone

In this article we will discuss drills that are designed to work with ceramics, brick and stone. Let us examine the peculiarities of working with these materials, modes of operation and basic differences between these drills.



Drill bit for ceramics

Ceramics, itself, Moody stuff. Mainly used for machining diamond drills. The diamond drill can be made three different ways. Now we will look at these methods.

First way that – using electroplating method to manufacture a thin element. The main difference of this method from others is the low cost.< / span>

Second method – using powder metallurgy to create more robust tools. These tools will be stable and durable. But the cost will be higher.< / span>

the Third way, – using the vacuum method to produce a tool that will be characterized by greater strength, and have resistance to abrasion. The cost of the drill will be cheap, but they work and, by the way, will be easy.< / span>

To determine the quality of a drill, is sufficient to visually inspect the drill and find out if there’s any information about the alloy, diameter, length. Information is mostly expensive products. Cheap drills such information can not to specify

drill ceramic

to drill ceramics, it is necessary to resort to the use of rotation without vibration.< / span>

Before drilling you need to mark where to drill out the hole. This mark make using a diamond punch. Scratching the label occurs as a result of rotation of the center punch until the hole is of a diameter larger than the diameter of the centering rod of the drill. Next, using a thin drill bit on concrete, you need to make a hole that will be centering. Next, you need to drill a hole of required diameter. Momentum is maximum, without using strong pressure. The workplace must be kept cool with water.< / span>

the Approximate cost of 200 rubles for the drill bit and above.< / span>

masonry Drill bit

Thanks to a special carbide drill to get a hole in brick. Now a little bit talk more about this drill. < / span>

this Drill is usually made from solid steel, respectively. Namely, VK8, in other words, use «win». This drill should also have the shank for hammer drill, shank shape should be cylindrical. As has become clear, for drilling use a drill with the impact feature.

a masonry drill bit

Drill can be sized from 4 to 12 millimeters. Can have a maximum length of 400 millimeters. Larger diameter drill, the drill is not capable, as it has a mild kick. The value of the different drill bit, from 50 rubles and above.

Drill bit for stone

so for drilling stone, you can use drill bits with diamond coated. The cost for this drill will be different – will play the role of the thickness and lifetime of the drill.

If you need to drill only a couple holes, the drill can be used anytime. But if, after all, planned continuous use of drills, it is better to buy the tool to the crown, where the entire cutting edge is molded into the diamond.

rock drill

attaches the crown may be different. Typically use a drill or a grinder.

To obtain an even and neat holes you need to follow a few simple rules.:

First. Diamond drill involves drilling at low speeds when drilling holes in stone. This is usually from 700 to 1000 rpm./min.

Here is some dependence of the diameters and speeds of drilling:

6mm – 2000 rpm;

12 mm – 950 rpm;

24 mm – 700 rpm.

the Second. When drilling in stone, you need to use water. This is necessary to prevent overheating of the tool cutting edge. This, incidentally, will serve to extend the service life of the drill.

Third. If you don’t have enough experience with the stone, it is recommended that before you start drilling holes in stone, work out any pruning.

Fourth. is Not necessary during drilling much pressure on the crown. Core bits with diamond coating are very sensitive to heat and pressure.

As we have seen, for drilling these materials are put forward special requirements, using special drill bits. And so, working with these materials, must comply with the rules of processing of the material.

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