Drill bit for concrete

Drill bit for concrete are manufactured from a specialized hard alloy. Should be distinguished drill bit for concrete and drill. They differ in the form of a tail.

Tool for concrete processing

External differences keychains

Drill bit for concrete use with a percussion drill and he and shank cylindrical shape. And drill-drill bit used with a hammer, so he’s in shank intended for cartridges with SDS-design.
When working please note that drill bits for concrete is designed for drilling concrete, stone and ceramics. Therefore, if the drill bit during the processing of concrete rests on the metal fittings, it is necessary to replace the drill for metal, drill through the rebar and only after processing to continue drill for concrete.
the Second distinguishing feature of drill bits for concrete is an enlarged drill point angle of 150-160 degrees, greater than the drill bits intended for metal, the thickness of the jumper. The thicker the thickness of the jumper at the drill bits for concrete, the slower it wears out.

Bor for concrete

Features processing of concrete structures drill for concrete

When drilling concrete it is necessary to monitor the overheating of the drill. Every 10-20 seconds. drilling cool the drill bit, but not water or other liquids, and air.
If caught in the concrete solids, you can take an old drill bit for concrete and using a heavy object to crush the stone. After you can continue to drill a good drill.
In difficult cases, when you want to get a few holes in the supporting wall or slab, place the hammer drill in hammer drill mode.
When drilling ceramic tile drill bit concrete hammer drill you need to put in a normal drill. Not much pressing need, otherwise you may crack the tile.

the subtleties of handling concrete drill bit

If during the process of drilling a concrete wall from the back side begins to fall off plaster, it is necessary to reduce the speed of drilling.
the Correct choice of drill bits for concrete and related components significantly simplifies the process and increases the machining quality. If You have questions on the drill on concrete or on the technique of drilling concrete I am happy to answer them.

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