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Portal «engcrafts» – Russia’s first specialized edition dedicated to industrial machine tool and ensure their production.

Our portal represents the news producers, news programs supplies and articles about the technologies and solutions for the use of the cutting tool

knowledge Base for Your convenience contains the latest and most current information of leading producers of metal cutting tools, their representatives and dealers on the territory of the Russian-speaking countries.< / span>

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Audience — supervisors procurement of cutting and measuring tools

the Site is visited by Your customers — technology metal-working industries, the specialists of the purchasing Department, suppliers Designers and CNC machine operators, managers and employees of manufacturing enterprises. Audience of the portal consists entirely of Your clients.

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Audience consists of those who You need

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If you are a representative of a Russian manufacturer, our portal is glad to offer you various variants of cooperation, both paid and completely free for you.

as a paid option, the company engcrafts offers to place on the portal engcrafts Your advertising.

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