Diamond and CBN tools and wheels

the Cutters are made of diamond ohranenii shape with a radius of rounding of the blades, R= 1.0 to 3.5 microns and a weight of 0.5—0.8 CT. Cutters pereuchivatsya from 6 to 15 times with increase of the crystal size up to 0.1 carats. Mount the diamond to the holder is performed by means of soldering, pouring or by mechanical means. Depending on the shape of the crystal cutting part of the cutter can be with one cutting blade, with a blade consisting of several parts (faceted cut), with a curved blade. Cutters with a facet finish the most durable, because after blunting one side of the blade can be rotated.Diamond and CBN tools

When choosing geometrical parameters of cutters should take into account the increased brittleness of the diamond. Despite the fact that the diamond when heated to a temperature of 750— 850° C can be oxidized and destroyed in finish turning with a feed of s = 0,01—0,1 mm/Rev and depth of cut / = 0,1—0,3 mm, it allows very high cutting speeds (V to 3000 m/min). It is possible to obtain the surface cleanliness of 12-13 classes.

High physical-mechanical properties of polycrystals of borotba allow processing tools, equipped with crystals of this alloy, high-strength materials such as hardened structural and heat resisting steels, alloyed hard cast iron, ceramics, fiberglass and other materials. Resistance borozanov cutters in fine turning and boring parts of hardened steel with HRC 48-64 20 to 30 times higher than the carbide. In addition, provided the receiving holes 1-2 accuracy classes and grades 7-9 purity.

Mount blocks or crystals boroson to tool holder is produced in a similar way as diamond, i.e., by mechanical means and brazing.


Diamond saw or diamond grinding wheels

Saw blade (circles) are used for cutting of various breeds. According to the construction of a saw coated with diamond layer with a thickness of 0.07 to 3 mm are disk and tape. Depending on the purpose and size of the saw body is made of decapitating iron, sheet steel, red copper and so forth In the disk saws with the cutting diamond parts (solid rings or segment) is greater than the disk thickness 0.2—1.0 mm. the Cutting layer is usually made of diamond powders mixed with powders of metals: tin, lead, copper, etc D. serving as a binder. Mount diamond layer to the disk is carried out by sintering in a furnace or soldering, welding and by mechanical means. A large number of diamond discs produced also by powder metallurgy, i.e. by a method similar to the manufacture of diamond wheels. Depending on the hardness of the material of the diamond layer of the saw should have a different concentration of diamonds (25, 30, 60 and 100%). This changes the cutting modes. Thus, the peripheral cutting speed ranges from 20 to 90 m/s for the supply of the product up to 6 m/min and cross sections of workpieces up to 1200-1300 mm. When parting off it is recommended to apply a rich two-sided cooling of disc blades.

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