Types of end mills

Thanks to distinctive features, namely: application, geometry of the working surface, mount the spindle in the milling machine and methods of production was in a separate group cutting tool end mills.




so, end mills is a group of cutters with the mounting cylindrical or conical tail in the machine spindle. The cylindrical part consists of teeth fabricated in the likeness of the teeth of cylindrical cutters. The mechanical part, make in the likeness of the teeth of end mills.

the task of the main cutting edge located on cylindrical surface-cutting job. The role of auxiliary edges, respectively, is peeled from the groove bottom of the chip. Cutters are produced with inclined or helical teeth, the angle of inclination of the teeth may vary from 30 to 45 degrees.

in order to prevent vibration, mechanical teeth can be done to variables. Diameter width grooves end mills you need to choose the nearest 0.1 mm.

End mills are divided into:

the cutters of the ordinary, in which the circuit pitch of the teeth unequal, conical and cylindrical tails,

cutters with drill bits and screw plates made of hard alloy,

the cutters keyway, with cylindrical and tapered tails,

the cutters keyway, with the addition of solid alloy,

cutters, designed for the manufacture of T-slot,

of cutters designed for making grooves under the segment pins.

Attention should be paid to the number of teeth. The choice should influence such characteristics as: the material, part size and conditions of milling.



For milling grooves and contours used dvuhzubye and trahtube. If you want to perform milling shallow grooves and contours choose chetyrehsot. Milling of superhard materials and cutting shallow grooves, the milling is carried out megasurya end mills.


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