Technology of production of molds

currently, the manufacture of dies and molds increasing and currently almost formed. A detailed examination of the operations in the production of press dies, get that 75% is the form

Technological machining operations in the manufacture of press forms

The 2.5-axis milling
two-axis electrical discharge machining

the Shaping in the manufacture of molds requires a lot of machining which accounts to a quarter of all the complexity.

Bulk operations used for the manufacture of molds

three-axis milling
a four-EDM
five-axis milling

the Stages of mold making

Sample of the final product

Is a detailed analysis of the future appearance of products obtained with the aid of molds, and approved by the technical and ergonomic characteristics. The result is a set of production drawings.



Design mold

designing of the molds is divided into sub stages
development of process technology casting
building massing and the choice of the block
development of the cooling system
the development of the system of removal of finished products
development of carrier and transport elements
development are the result of calculations, design documentation
the Design of molds associated with the choice of a rational design for maximum maintainability and performance at minimum manufacturing costs.

In the next step the simulated press form is passed to the technology of Metalworking and the development of routing technology, as well as written control programs for CNC machines.

Processing and assembling mold

Most of the parts for the mold is made on EDM machines and milling CNC equipment.

processing Technology of molds

annealing the workpiece of the molds for removing the residual stress
milling rough machining with allowance on the working surface of 0.5-1.5 millimeters
normalization of the billet molds are needed to prevent key stress and to reduce the risk of deformation during hardening
Semi-finishing milling
semi-finishing machining with CNC with an allowance of 0.3-0.1 mm. This removes the maximum allowance of the workpiece and the preparation for finishing
To increase the hardness is quenching
the finishing machining is performed on machines with numerical control
Revision received mold
chrome plating parts obtained molds to increase hardness hardness

press form

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