sliding panel saw

I Think in your case is better suited sliding panel saw STS-3200. Compared to Bernardo S-3000L he is much bigger. The machine is almost completely configured at the factory, the main carriage is configured. We have a competent Adjuster to find problematic, so it’s important to me. The machine was given a set of saws.

Knives sliding panel saw machine

don’t like the translation of the instruction to format the slitter is not very competent, but little need for it will arise, although technology very complex.

Raises doubts about the workmanship backlash check boxes on the main line (when not clamped)this format panel of the machine, but you can only compare with my old machine, I worked on the Bulgarian flags in the ruler sat more tightly (and he’s 10 years). Don’t really like the accuracy of the pointer on the check boxes — too thick line adjustment pruning is very convenient and sufficiently accurate.

Like it move the carriage, it is very soft and smooth.

Machine STS-3200

to Put this sliding panel saw machine for the very simple level — adjustment feet made with care. However, the impression that the base frame preferably heavier, obviously in the extreme positions of the carriage the centre of gravity shifts too.

On the website of the manufacturer of the format panel of the machine says that a basic saw up to 400 mm, the manual says up to 350 mm.

More change details are being cut is not had however the impression, that the diagonal sliding panel saw hold up well.

One subtlety with scoring drives is that on the one hand the width of podraza needs to be slightly larger when compared with the width of the main cut (otherwise there’s no point), but not much more otherwise it will be seen the cutting edge. So you can often find composite disks were collected from two palutikof and a few shims for precise adjustment of the width of podraza.


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