Selection milling lathe CNC

For CNC milling lathe CNC machine requires a high rigidity of the frame, it is desirable that it was from a one-piece moulding.

milling lathe

Such base provide high rigidity and minimal vibration under heavy cutting conditions, for example during turning.

Not less important parameter for milling lathe is the availability of linear guides on all axes.

it is best if they will have the form of a prism, which with the help of circulating the clip of ball rolling elements moves a few sliders. Such guides can best implement rolling friction in the guides.

Interesting diagram connecting the ball screw drive milling in a lathe with CNC, when the motion is transmitted from the shaft of the servo motor directly using coupling screw, ball screw. This allows you to move components of the machine during processing without noise and vibration.

Rational connection diagram

To improve the processing accuracy at high speed so that the spindle is mounted on precision angular contact ball bearings on two sides to ensure high rigidity of the spindle.

If You need to process inner and outer surfaces that need a turret head having an end tool mounting.

and most importantly for CNC milling lathe CNC machine is the presence of driven tools to perform milling operations.

the less time a tool change, the better the performance of the equipment as a whole.


the Presence at the tailstock milling lathe allows you to process long and heavy work pieces without losing the rigidity and accuracy when machining.

the Wide rails of the tailstock to provide the necessary accuracy even when in high mode cutting. It is also worth considering the function of programming tailstock with M-code (for the program).

Automatic door to the working areas is needed not only to reduce operator fatigue and improve comfort of work on the machine, but also allows you to perform milling on a lathe operation using a robotic device load.

the Best solution is to set in motion the spindle and the caliper is the application of the induction motor. It provides fast positioning with minimal response time, as well as high speed accelerated movements of a milling lathe.

Optimum power that allows

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