Improving resource resharpened carbide inserts

Wagon and locomotive depots for the grinding of the tread surface of wheel pairs and processing of the surfaces of the side frames and bolsters used carbide inserts RPAX 3010MO, 2710МО, RNX 1212MO, LMNX and BDMX. The volume of hard alloy used for these purposes, average 30 tons per year. The cost of the plates varies from 4 to 24 apiece. If krasotchenko performance machine wheels 16-20 per shift of the depot uses from 1500 to 3000 carbide inserts per year.


Ensuring the depot so many plates is a difficult task. Increased service life of carbide inserts would significantly reduce these costs. To significantly increase the resource of the multifaceted carbide inserts can be regrind and such experience is available.

it is Known that the main method of increasing the cutting capacity of the carbides is the vacuum-arc coatings. The main type of coatings used for cutting tools is titanium nitride (<d ‘ welt style=»color: #000000;»>Zënn<d ‘ welt style=»color: #000000;»>). The layer of the coating, thickness of 2 – 5 µm deposited on the surface of tverdosplavnoy plate, significantly increases its resource, reduces friction and built-up edge in cutting process, improve the quality of the processed surface.

comparison of the resistance of carbide inserts uncoated and coated

There are other types of coatings (TiC, Al<d ‘ welt style=»color: #000000;»>2<d ‘ welt style=»color: #000000;»>O<d ‘ welt style=»color: #000000;»>3<d ‘ welt style=»color: #000000;»> etc.<d ‘ welt style=»color: #000000;»>, including multilayer (TiC-TiCN-TiN -, Zënn-α-Ti, Ti-Cu-N, etc.)

Naturally, when regrinding carbide inserts coating layer is removed from it, so re-drilled the plate is always inferior in quality new. In this paper we propose a technology of coating re-drilled the plate, thus completely restored resource and the cutting quality of the tool.

you intend to use the installation for coating by the method of ion deposition, the OJSC «High technologies». In 2014 it is planned the purchase and installation, conducting not only the coating but also ion implantation of alloying elements in surface layers of cutting tools. Experience passenger depot, station Tomsk showed that the use of plates, hardened by ion implantation, allows to reduce the consumption of hard alloy 2 times.

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