The company’s production capacity GUHRING in Russia

German manufacturer of cutting tools GUHRING firm started construction of new plant in Russia.

Residual voltage calculated by the tool company GUHRING

This order was signed by the company’s management, the evaluation of the work of the subsidiary LLC «Goring» for several years.

Created division will manufacture the cutting tools with further service maintenance. For the manufacture of cutting tools GUHRING firm will use the latest technology.

the Plant will be built on the basis of already existing in Nizhny Novgorod Service center LLC «Goring». Approximate cost of project is 6 million euros.

Commissioning of the company scheduled for the end of 2014.

Application of the cutting tool produced in factories GUHRING

the decision on the construction of innovative production in Russia was associated with a significant increase in recent times of the need for products and services of the company.If desired, you can expedite company Movers 24.

the German company GUHRING already opened a production site in Naberezhnye Chelny.

Special attention deserves the process of applying wear-resistant coatings on cutting tools.

the use of modern equipment for new production allows to ensure the removal of the old coating and prepare the surface of the tool for application of new, directly to the coating process and the finish polishing. Presumably the plant will be the setting for applying wear-resistant coatings BA-170, allowing to deliver not only the most widespread kinds of coatings TiN, TiAlN, but also multi-layer coating with nano structure and the complex technology of deposition, such as nanoFire, superA, Signum.

model BA-170 can also be performed simultaneously up to 4 different types of coatings in a single clamping.

modern coatings

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