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the development of the world’s leading suppliers of machine tools for the precision machining of hard materials.< / span>

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the Company’s Mägerle, Blohm and Jung form the technological group of «Flat and profile grinding». Behind this technology are the three brands that guarantee high performance and precision flat and profile grinding machine: high-performance MÄGERLE grinding systems and precision machine tools BLOHM and JUNG.

new design machine

In the technology group «cylindrical grinding» interact company Studer, Schaudt and Mikrosa. Studer produces standard and specialized machines with many accessories for external and internal cylindrical grinding of workpieces in small and medium sizes. Company Schaudt and Mikrosa supply mainly to the automotive industry and its suppliers.


Technology group «Tool grinding» includes the brands Walter and Ewag. The company’s Walter and Ewag as suppliers of systems and solutions together around the world offer an extensive range of processing tools: grinding, EDM and laser processing, measurements and corresponding software and services.


the Main consumers of the world’s leading suppliers of machines for the precise processing of hard materials are automotive and related industries, medicine, aerospace, manufacture of tools, tooling and molds, transport and heavy industry, mechanical engineering, energy engineering and precision mechanics.

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the largest markets include Western Europe, Asia, and North and South America. The group of companies of the United Grinding Group is the holding company that represents the machine tool segment of the Körber group AG. The Körber AG holding company manages international engineering concern, with nearly 12,000 employees worldwide.


Concern unites technologically leading enterprise with production, service and sales structures, whose number exceeds 100. In the territorial divisions worldwide, the group combines the advantages of a world-famous organization with the advantages of highly-specialized and flexible medium-sized enterprises, offering its customers technological solutions, equipment and services in the segments of automation, logistics systems, grinding machines, pharmaceutical equipment, equipment for the production of paper products, equipment for the preparation of tobacco and production of cigarettes.


In 2014, the Körber group had a turnover of 2.3 billion euros. MFP 50 grinding center for higher versatility in challenging the application of the MFP 50 uniquely combines compact design, versatility and power. Mägerle will exhibit the performance and diversity of the MFP 50 for the various applications. For one setting, along with a variety of grinding operations simultaneously on five axes, it is also possible drilling and milling.


the Grinding machining center MFP 50

Grinding machining center MFP 50 has been designed for a multifaceted and integrated machining of complex parts in a single setup. High speed movements on the axes and quick change of tools ensures the minimum time of execution of auxiliary operations and make the MFP 50 one of the most productive in its class.

Integrated system change tools equips high-speed spindle tool needed to perform particular processing tasks. Along with grinding wheels, drilling and milling tools, also installed the measuring probe, which can automatically control the quality of the clip, as well as the sizes and offsets.

Driven on two axes linkage changes continuously ruled by a grinding wheel and ensures higher cutting performance and profile accuracy even on difficult workpiece materials. Thoughtful design principle displays the quality of production, reliability and profitability to a new level. So, for example, is used as the diameter of the grinding wheel, thereby achieving significant cost savings.

Optimal flow of coolant to the tools for external machining is carried out via controlled on two axes the nozzle.


For drilling and milling tools have the nozzle on the caliper or the option to supply coolant through the spindle. The result is high performance with simple operation.

high-Precision 2-axis indexing table with CNC-consists of swivel and rotary axes. This ensures high requirements to the technological tolerances when machining.


For the MFP 50 is also provided for optional dynamic load-balancing of grinding wheels and control instruments with extensive software package.


submitted Along with the MFP 50 the Mägerle company creates high-performance grinding equipment based on a unique modular system. Its performance and versatility, it is proved daily when used in turbostroenie, vehicles aircraft, hydraulics and energy sector and in mechanical engineering and tool manufacturing. All machines are equipped with hydrostatic guiding systems, providing unmatched performance accuracy, efficiency, reliability and durability.



PLANOMAT HP – advanced technology flat and profile grinding PLANOMAT HP is a flat-profile grinding machines the machine is used as a universal machine in individual and small batch production, and equipped according to the wishes of the customer, as an inexpensive specialized machine in all industries.


the Use of high-precision ballscrews with digital drives makes possible a high feed rate and acceleration, which significantly reduces the grinding time compared with conventional machines.


to Complement the advanced concept PLANOMAT HP, almost maintenance-free linear guideways and powerful grinding wheel drives. Spaciously designed, the channels ensure the smooth flow of large quantities of coolant, which is necessary for efficient profile grinding.


3-point mounting system and integrated distribution Cabinet ensures fast commissioning. To select the optimal dimensions of the machine depending on the scope of the series has six sizes of the working area from 400×600 to 800×2000 mm.

the PLANOMAT HP CNC Machine comes with computerized CNC SIEMENS 840D solution line. Optional operating environment BLOHM, providing graphic support in a variety of custom grinding cycles and dressing, allows the user to quickly create control programs. The simplicity and speed management, optimum use of the capabilities of the machine and thereby increases performance.


GripsProfile Option is used to automatically create programs of grinding and dressing in the processing of complex contours.


the flat-profile grinding machines machine J600

the Precision of the profiles processed at the highest level J600 is an innovative flat-profile grinding machines machine for the manufacture of high-precision parts with excellent surface quality.

It offers many possibilities of use, from individual to small batch production in all industries. Designed for a range of grinding 300×600 mm, J600 impresses its properties, especially where high accuracy is required. This requirement is standard in the production of tooling and molds.


J600 is a team of a modular design, so the machine can be optimally configured according to the different requirements of the customer. Its outstanding damping characteristics of the machine J600 not in the least obliged hydrodynamic EasySlide guideways of the sliding longitudinal displacement of the table axis X. in addition, high-precision ballscrew drives allow the frequency of the pendular movements of up to 330 strokes/min., and maximum speed of the table 50 m/min. provides high performance machine. An additional improvement brings a new, fresh design J600.


So, due to the split sliding door with optimum access to the work area, including loading with the use of the lifting mechanism. Table capable of carrying loads up to 400 kg.

Of the combination of the electronic hand wheels and automatic cycles develops an additional feature mode EasyMode for semi-automatic and manual grinding. With this feature, operators achieve better handling machine, not even owning a CNC. J600 opens new fields of application due to unique software for multihead grinding profiles. It allows you to grind any contours 360° in just one installation.


Also with higher precision can be performed tasks outside round grinding and grinding non-round parts. Thus, the whole package J600 offers customers the absolute universality and diversity of workpieces.


New Studer

Machine S33 brings important advantages for customers in the tool and unit production and manufacture of components for one unit can be sanded countless geometries of parts.

modern grinding equipment

wheelhead with three circles gives the opportunity for more personal and fast processing of detail – provisioning-class. Along with specialized wheelhead applied at 0° and 30°, the machine can be equipped with a universal headstock with two spindles for external and one spindle for internal grinding.


Both circle for external grinding 500×63 mm (80/110 mm form 5) located on the right. Universal headstock can be positioned manually with a step of 2.5° or be fitted with an automatic axle In with hurtowym gearing with a step of 1°.

For internal grinding are used exclusively high-frequency spindles. Thanks to clever layout of the S33, it is possible to increase compared to the competitors the length of the grinding to 1/3.


In connection with the location of the grinding wheel to the right at an angle of 30°, it is necessary to consider the reduction of the effective length of the grinding. The S33 machine equipped with CNC control with integrated PC. This makes it possible to use the program, StuderWIN as user interface.

modern machine Park

Software modules of StuderGRIND programming can be directly mounted on the control panel. Proven benefits S33: the unique location of the spindles, a simple retrofitting for the transition from grinding centers in grinding with clamping of the component in the cartridge, turn table, an optional C axis interpolation, spindle workhead for grinding of shapes and thread, machine bed of mineral cast Granitan®, a large selection of options and accessories.

experts in the field of internal and radius grinding Regular new developments every six months, the company Fritz Studer AG in the past two years has surprised customers internal grinding machines. What with the release of the universal S141 (length processed traditionally t the most parts up to 1300 mm), in may 2014 pojavivshejsja as a single machine, with release in the fall of 2014 universal machines series S141 and S151, in the spring of 2015 – S131 universal machine and specialized machine S122, and in the fall of 2015 – universal machine S121, it has evolved into a machining platform.

Now Studer complements this platform with his latest creation: specialist in the field of grinding machines from the city of Thun introduces three new radius-internal grinding machine and replaces them successful model CT700 and CT900.


the Main applications of new radiotelephony machines S121, S131 and S141 are the production of matrix – in particular, in the production of packaging, which is mostly processed hard alloys and ceramics, and the manufacture of hydraulic equipment components, such as pistons, guide plates and the housing axial pump with hardened steel, cast iron and copper.


it is added To the manufacturer for a single installation of complex parts with multiple cones more than 20° and 90°, used primarily in the watch and medical technology consisting of very hard materials such as industrial ceramics, sapphire and hard alloys, as well as the production of the shoulder, knee and hip of the human implants made of ceramics and titanium.


developed new market segment so far this range of parts successfully processed on the universal internal cylindrical grinding machine CT960 Studer CT750 and.

Now with the market entry of new radius grinding machine S121 will take on a range of applications CT750, while S131 is designed for the range of applications of the model CT960.


what is New is that with the help of a radius-grinding machine S141 will now be processing larger parts. For the user this means in numbers: the largest diameter of the workpiece is to S121 – 250 mm, S131 – 300 mm, and for S141 – 400 mm. Now that you have the range for external grinding diameter 250 mm can be processed with outer diameters up to 160 mm.

the Maximum length of the workpiece, including means clamping for all three radius-grinding machines is 300 mm, max weight of workpiece, including means of clamp – 100 lbs.


the Fact that Studer replaces the successful model of the CT, there are good reasons, which are expressed in increase of value to the customer. So, with the release of the new radius-grinding machines was realized, first of all, a higher technological level. This is evident in the frame, which now consists of mineral cast Granitan® and thus provides higher vibration resistance, heat resistance and precision. It is also expressed in the presence of a guide system StuderGuide® linear motor actuators, appealing for its durability, long service life and high dynamics (with interpolation).


the Main benefits that customers can derive from the new machines consists in expanding the range of the workpiece due to the additional size of the machine and the new concept system changes, which due to the new location on the axis (synchronous turntable products) has not only become simpler but also heat stability is mechanical and tougher. That now new S121, S131 and S141 are manufactured according to the Studer modular principle means for the user, moreover, the uniformity of spare parts, maintenance and service, as well as greater availability of service technicians.


This means «harmonization» of components and – due to the new design and improved ergonomics – enhancing the value of the machines. Software with more features In the new radius-grinding machines are particularly noteworthy software StuderSIM, as with it’s help Studer answers the question, what should the operator for machining of complex parts, including the processing of parts in a single setup.


Response: required assistant, which, according to the drawing, could be measured by the circumference of the parts, generate all the necessary geometric data for grinding cycles and by simulating on a computer or machine was checked and visualized the grinding process. So functionally powerful assistant is StuderSIM. To help him – equipping of the machine, which is already referred to the machine bed of mineral cast Granitan® and rail system StuderGuide® linear motor actuators. This includes X-axis and Y-form cross saddle, to which S121 machine can be installed single spindle, parallel to the two spindles or two spindle hydraulic swivel wheelhead and machine tools S131 and S141 – 4-spindle rotary wheelhead driven direct action. In addition, the machines are equipped with headstock synchronously on rotary axes In ruling the spindle or stationary dressing device on the axis In meter ing a probe on the wheelhead.

finally, are splash guard machine and control console in a new design Studer. From universal machines vnutrigospitalina S121, S131 and S141 of the same name radius-grinding machines are near technical details. So, In the axis of radius-grinding machines made simultaneous and interpolated (from -60° to +90°), while universal vnutrigospitalina machines have a rotary table can be positioned from -10° to +20°. In addition, the spindles on the radius-grinding machines located on the turret rear grandmother, and vnutrigospitalina machines – exactly the opposite: they are in front. The Differences in features and concept changes. So, radiotelephone machines have the dressing device on the axis, vnutrigospitalina machines, in contrast, is equipped with two hinged devices of the edits. Equally important, vnutrigospitalina machines from S121 to S151 use interface StuderWIN, while the new radius-grinding machines – the interface StuderSIM.< / span>


Complete platform to market radius-grinding machines S121, S131 and internal cylindrical grinding studer machines S141 now the platform was supplemented and completed. Along with new radius-grinding machines it includes a simple internal cylindrical grinding machines S110 and s120 tips, universal internal cylindrical grinding machines from S121 to S151, production internal cylindrical grinding machine for s122.< / span>


With the replacement of the five machines (in s120, S145, S151, CT700 and CT900) mastered the four new segment of the market. Universal internal grinding machine S121 is a small machines for a wide range of applications, in the case of production internal cylindrical grinding machine for s122 – this is the machine for the serial production of parts, and in the case of universal internal cylindrical grinding machines S141 and S151 (700 and 1300 mm) is a machine for long workpieces. Finally, the fourth market segment opens a new radial-S141 grinding machine for components up to ø 400 mm.< / span>


the Company Walter represents the next generation of the proven worldwide tool grinding machine Helitronic vision On the new high-performance tool grinding machine Helitronic Vision 400 liters can be processed rotationally simmet hexadecimal precision tools such as milling cutters, worm cutters, drills, step drills, profile tools and tools for woodworking carbide, HSS, ceramic, cermet and CBN.< / span>


Created based on well-proven worldwide for high-precision tool grinder Helitronic vision with a record of direct action on the linear axes and the rotation axes, the machine of the new generation with the same size of the working area allows the manufacture of tools with the length of the treatment zone around the circumference to 420 mm instead of 370 mm and a diameter from 3 mm to 315 mm.< / span>

machine Walter

Bed is made of polymer or mineral cast and gantry design limit of hardness, quenching vibrations, contribute to the transformation of the high dynamics of the digital drives into grinding precision. For the first time with the new Helitronic Vision 400 l and offers additional inexpensive belt spindle for automatic change of the sets of grinding wheels, which, along with the option of two spindles and a motor-spindle, extends the capabilities of configuration of the machine according to customer requirements.< / span>


Grinding wheels, diameter max 254 mm and the number of CMV up to 24 packages can be changed through system change tools. As this system used a 6-axis robot with CNC of the company Fanuc. Thanks to the application of the control system FANUC latest generation of the company Walter provides users with maximum capacity and reliability.< / span>

To this is added the high usability of well-established worldwide software Walter HELITRONIC tool Studio, 3D modeling, which ensures a highly effective and convenient control of the machine.< / span>


Ewag laser line accuracy All-in-one Precision laser processing of diamond tools Model laser line precision company Ewag is a new machine for laser processing, which is a great base to start working with laser technology in modern tool production.< / span>


Apply the latest short-pulse fiber laser green 532 nm wave spectrum provides high efficiency machining of diamond cutting materials such as CBN, PKD and CVD.


the machine laser line accuracy without effort can be processed rotationally symmetrical tools with a diameter of 200 mm and a length of 250 mm, and the rotary cutting plates with diameter of inner circumference and outer circumference with a diameter from 3 mm to 50 mm. Unique and patented treatment process treatment laser® provides the best quality surfaces, even for the most complex or filigree geometry.

Processing any contours cutting edges, angles back, and the 3D processing geometry for chip evacuation possible in a single setup. The resulting flue gas and the evaporating material are absorbed at the laser line accuracy integrated into the machine and close the hood and is discharged into an appropriate filtration system.


Require installation of a total of about 5 m2, machine tool laser line accuracy, compared to well-established worldwide laser line ultra is the most compact laser center for high-end machining of super-hard tools. Available as an option a 6-axis robot ensures the highest flexibility for multi-shift operation with a small number of staff.<



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