Models Japanese milling machines

As we all know, large enterprises can not do without a milling machine. Without a good milling machines. Because there are many firms producing this equipment. For example, in Japan many companies that are providing different models of milling machines. Let us at this moment dwell in detail.

Milling machine

flag OKUMA (OKUMA) – «high precision, reliability and durability»

This Japanese company OKUMA offers a comprehensive high-tech Metalworking equipment. Moreover, the price of them.

Lathes OKUMA actively acquiring not only the largest machine-building plants, enterprises of small and medium business.

OKUMA is first and foremost a high performance and a large choice of equipment. This Japanese company includes models of milling machines, vertical milling machines, horizontal milling machines. These machines can solve huge range of tasks.

Ergonomics and compactness allow the equipment to improve performance in small areas. The presence of a cast base increases rigidity, and therefore, for many years, the machines retain accuracy.

the Manufacturers have taken care that the job was safe – for this set the collision avoidance working parts of the machine.

of Machines the company produces many, therefore, consider, for example, press MULTUS B300W.

milling machine

This machine can process high-alloy, hardened steel with surface hardness 58 — 60 HRC.

features of the machine MULTUS B300W

perfect for drilling and milling machining parts. Well, thanks to a thermally stable arrangement and at the OKUMA firm has received the award of the Japanese machine tool builders.

the Company OKUMA is not afraid of responsibility: besides the fact that the equipment itself is produced in factories in Japan, and the CNC system has taken control. The software is Windows-based, multi-language.

flag Hihachi

Next, consider Hihachi. Today is the financial – industrial group. Hihachi Tool Engineering produces metal-cutting tools, machine tooling, and more. And of course, among all this variety the company produces various models of milling machines.


milling machine


in Addition, this company produces high quality cutters.


this company has various models of milling machines are also available. And, of course, the products are not limited to: lathes, CNC, turret lathes, CNC turning and machining centers with CNC also available.

the Company produced the machine MIYANO TSV 21 S/N.

milling machine

Has the CNC system FANUC OM. Can handle small, metal, and various alloys.

features MIYANO TSV 21 S/N

Can be purchased and additional equipment for machine tools, such as: the system of separation of chips from coolant, automatic bar feeder, etc.

flag Shin Nippon Koki (SNK)

Broad and unique gamma machines is that the chip SNK. The company is engaged in production of high-precision 5-axis milling machines, high speed milling machines, turning lathes.

Machine EXL80.

milling machine

the Machine has a CNC system FANUC 31i.

features EXL80

But in addition to machines, SNK can boast the production of grinding and laser processing equipment details.

flag Nakamura – Tome

But this Japanese company is one of the leaders in the machine tool industry.

One of the most popular machines is the NAKAMURA-TOME WT 250 MM.

milling machine

Has a system control Fanuc 18iT.

the characteristics of the NAKAMURA-TOME WT 250 MM

Participation in international exhibitions, the use of advanced processing techniques and technological solutions, high degree of automation and technological equipment (as a result, require less maintenance and manual settings, which certainly is a plus) – as a result, thanks to all this, a huge number of people become interested in the production of Nakamura – Tome.

In General, Japan is very well developed machine tool industry. Quite a lot of popularity is the output of Japanese companies in the world. Major factories, companies more and more are becoming the models of Japanese milling machines. And if earlier Japan was more of an importer, CEICAS already probably the exporter.

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