Milling machine 5 CNC coordinate

complex Parts require processing, in which the instrument should describe a trajectory in the three Cartesian coordinates in combination with the inclination of the tool and rotating workpiece (i.e. the two circular axes). You can use a couple of rotary axes A + B or B + C for different 5-axis machines, a General scheme of the axes shown in the figure.


пяти координатный ЧПУ

пяти координатный ЧПУ

The use of 5-axis milling machines introduces several additional benefits in comparison with the «usual» 3-axis milling machines in vertical or horizontal version of the axis of rotation of the spindle. 2 Add the main axis (tilt of spindle left and right) and rotation of the workpiece around the horizontal (lathe) or vertical (vertical turning) of the axes gives the possibility of manufacturing complex shapes in a single setup, saving time milling without reducing the accuracy. In the end, each re-fixing (setting) items on the desktop takes time and introduces a forced error-based.


Typically, 5-axis milling machining centres have the following advantages compared to machining centers three axes: it is possible to make grooves and other recesses more complex configuration it is possible to guarantee the accuracy of the internal profile of the workpiece surface it is possible to use shorter phrases, and provides high precision machining at high cutting speeds fixed a bug in the basing of parts in the device (the possibility of inaccurate mounting of the parts in the machine), which is particularly important for apertures with arbitrary angles, including large diameters (currently with the advent of wear resistant milling cutters, the larger the holes become more efficient mill than a boring on boring machines) no reinstallation reduces processing time and eliminates the possibility of marriage through the fault of the operator.

5-х ЧПУ

The load on the CNC is reduced, the tool wear decreases and surface quality improves due to the orientation of the axis of rotation of the tool relative to the workpiece surface and trajectory milling, which is more efficient than the 3-axis centers.

All these benefits are seen in close connection with digital system control centers with the coordinates 5 (CNC) using computer programs called GLASS systems designed for the preparation and preliminary examination of executable programs. GLASS systems allow the calculation of tool paths, optimization to increase processing speed and reduce the load on the machine / workpiece / tool.

A preliminary calculation of the trajectories allows to avoid collisions between the cutter (spindle), part and machine components during processing, to visualize the machining process on a monitor and using computer simulation to achieve specific objectives in the processing of the individual parts of the workpiece.


Features platicevo milling machine with CNC

patisia milling CNC machine is different from 4-axis CNC milling machines and three-axial milling machines the machine that has the design of the spindle head, which can move in two planes disposed at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the plane of the part on which you are working.

If you say otherwise, the 5-axis machine has five degrees of freedom — this means that the router can move up and down to move along and across the billet and, in addition, can process the workpiece with a cutter located at an angle to the body of the workpiece.


otherwise the design is virtually indistinguishable from traditional CNC milling machines. It consists of working area with locking system material and stepper motors or servos. In General, for machines equipped with five coordinates, servos are installed due to their high precision and feedback.

Special difference lies in the attachment to the spindle axis, which is equipped with a special pivoting mechanism that allows to tilt the work tool at large angles that cannot be performed by using 4-axis automatic machines. It is also important to note that on five-axis machines have special sensors that perform the monitoring of the work performed.

the Main advantages of processing 5-point automatic

the advantages of machining on 5-axis automatic machine is not the end milling of parts having a complex shape. Even the simplest of details often have in their structure many elements that impede their production on the traditional machine, for example, curves, bosses, ribs.

the CNC Machine and the axis of rotation allows you to easily handle a variety of items, without having to stop work and re-fixing of the workpiece on the desktop.

This capability not only significantly reduces the time required to manufacture the items, but also provides high-quality processing, eliminating the human factor from the process, because there is no need for operator intervention when setting the mill to zero at the beginning of each section.

Milling 5-axis CNC machines are used for production and processing of large parts, having complex shape, for example, in the advertising business, setting cars, architecture, household appliances, shipbuilding and, of course, in the aviation industry.


5 axis machining

the Process of manufacturing products on hardware and software for numerical control can be divided into two sections: one by one:

to create a program that will control a machine directly recording it in the memory of the machine, and then machining the workpiece. As the machining on such a machine, as the 5-axis milling machine, depends on the equipment and does not depend on the operator of the CNC.

the base table for CNC router machine

Slightly simplified the process, consider the sequence of writing software for a milling machine with software control :

• 3D design-product model;

• programming the path of motion of the cutting tool (2 type — roughing and finishing);

• enter the program in the memory apparatus and the use of the necessary post-processor appropriate for the desired model of milling machine.

At the moment, very few CAM systems allow you to program for simultaneous work in all 5 axes


the technology Itself is very complex and needs to address such issues:

• Contour milling (including complex shapes);

• monitoring the position of the working tool during the machining process (milling machine, cnc four-axis and 5-axis milling machine with cnc) also have this feature;

• chip removal from the place of cutting;

• continuous monitoring of the angle of inclination of the cutter on the spindle.


5-axis milling machine with CNC is able to mill both vertical and horizontal sides of the workpiece, drilling holes at different angles and process the elements inside the items (popularnosti).

Using this CNC, a person can accurately process complex surfaces of any parts that are difficult to handle with equipment such as trichosia milling machine CNC or 4 axis milling machine.


Technical features of 5-axis CNC


Technical features CNC machining VARIAXIS I-1050T

Vertical machining center VARIAXIS I-1050T combines multisurface 5-axis simultaneous milling with an improved turnaround for handling large, complex parts, such as glossy and valves on separate plants. It is also well suited for high efficiency machining of small parts.

Spindle 50 conical milling machines are available in standard speed and high speed versions to meet a wide range of applications in industries such as aerospace, heavy construction and energy.

Hard tilt / rotary table allows to perform turning operations with a maximum speed of 500 Rev / min. axle Unit supports the table at both ends, a design which does not interfere with the operation of milling. Transmission camshaft axis of rotation and a direct drive motor, control rotary axis C, ensures high speed and high precision machining.

In aggregate, the possibility of milling and turning of this machine enables users to achieve single cycle machining of large workpieces for better overall performance.



Handles components up to ø 49,21 inches and a height 35,43 «

Available spindle connection BT, BBT, HSK-T100 and Capto C8

tilt table in the style of «axle» reduces installation time and change

Quick navigation and steering axle

Capacity from 30 to 120 tools provides high flexibility

Additional changer with two pallets increases the use of spindle

Integrates with PALLETECH for highlighting


Technical features CNC Profiler 160

Designed for the aerospace industry, horizontal machining center Profiler 160 features a special integrated construction and large vertically oriented Desk for productive workpieces with a maximum loading of 6 614 pounds.

Due to the possibility of 5-axis machining and high speed spindle CNC delivers unsurpassed efficiency and some of the fastest speeds removing material from the workpiece in the industry.



Integrated design of the symmetrical base of the column provides a reliable machining

Powerful, high-speed hsk-A63 26 000 rpm, 60-horsepower integral motor spindle

Large 157 «x 49» vertically oriented Desk

Fast and easy loading and setting the horizontal location of the desktop

30, and 60 tool magazine for high flexibility processing

Advanced cooling system for efficient chip evacuation

Additional two-step changer rotary type further improves performance

Maximum geometrical parameters of the workpiece:

Width 4000 mm / inch 157.480

Length 1250 mm / inch 49,210

spindle HSK-A63

Max. Rpm 26000 rpm

Number of tools 30

Axis and x-axis 4200 mm / 165,35 inch

Y-axis 1500 mm / 59.06 inch

the Z Axis is equal to 550 mm / 21.65 inches

Technical features of the VTC-800/30 SR.


Vertical machining center for 5-axis simultaneous machining provides multi-faceted milling and 5-axis simultaneous machining by rotating 110 degrees.

Mobile design column with a fixed table is extremely effective for large, long workpieces


LCA 160

Due to its high accuracy, productivity and efficiency by 30%, patisia machines in the highly stable design ensures high machining performance and maximum precision with high dynamics.

• 5-axis simultaneous machining with rotary table and CNC-controlled B-axis in standard configuration

• Designed for maximum precision and dynamics and best access to the workspace

• Hydraulic unit, hydraulic Chuck, the combination of measuring instruments (optional)

• Production package: coolant tank 980 liquid l, IC 40 bar through the spindle core, group, filter paper, chips and Rotoclear.

modern CNC

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