Machine straightening and cutting

In the modern world manifestation of the results of human thought can be found in the form of towering skyscrapers different fancy shapes, bridges with a length of several thousand meters, and decorative items with a complex surface pattern. All this is possible thanks to the invention of a variety of composite materials such as concrete, reinforced with steel rods and CNC machining centers.

Production of rebar by special factories. Usually they are called reinforcement. Their measure is meter. As a rule, to facilitate the transport of their wounded on the Bay with a pre-tension. Here, however, because of this factor and of the round geometry of the Bay, rebar or wire takes the form of a spiral when unwinding.


like this use the valve is impossible for the purpose. Here come to the aid straightening and cutting machines. Their main function is to straighten the reinforcement (wire) and cut to the desired size.

straightening and cutting machine

This machine consists of a supply unit, rectification unit, the node logging and the output tray.

the supply unit contains pressure rollers, which unwound armature from the coil and drawn into the machine. The rectification unit responsible for rectification. Node cuttings consists of guillotine, which cuts rebar for a given size in advance. Cutting can be done manually or automatically using a motor. The output tray serves to receive the finished bars.

the Varieties straightening and cutting machine depending on the construction unit of rectification, node logging and the possibility of speed control, the following types of these machines as a standard, the medium inverter and the flying guillotine, as well as special.


Is the most common option. There is a minimum number of elements. Automatically processes of straightening and cutting. The feed is controlled manually. Block straightening is a regular frame with breadcrumbs. During the rotation of the frame occurs multiple bends of wire in the transverse direction. Depending on the diameter of the wire you can change the position of the collets relative to the axis of rotation of the right frame.


the Medium-speed straightening, cutting machine, inverter with the flying guillotine

They are designed for the processing of rebar (wire) with a diameter of 18 mm. Their peculiarity is that they have the ability to adjust the speed of retraction. Moreover, the electric drive of the feed unit can work in independent mode. The speed change is carried out by means of an inverter.

At the bench with the flying guillotine the node of the rectification includes a hydraulic cylinder instead of the motor. Similar to standard, medium-speed machines to straighten using the correct frame.


the properly-cutting machines

Designed for valve machining a non-circular cross sections and complex shapes. To do this, instead of rotating the right frame there are a series of rollers of different diameter, which are mounted in mutually perpendicular planes.

with this design, the straightening of the armature is faster than a machine frame. Processing speed can reach up to 100 meters per minute.

machine right

Used in such fields:

— construction;

— mechanical engineering;

— instrumentation;

— manufacture of concrete products such as bridge elements, foundations, etc.


Modern CNC router XYZ 6090

This equipment is designed to perform milling and engraving works in automatic mode.

Used for 2D and 3D machining mostly of soft materials. This tree and its derivatives, acrylic, plastic, plexiglass and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass).


Machine made closed. All the main controls are located under the table.

the Interaction operator is carried out using a personal computer (PC) that has a special cost. This is done using software Type3, NCStudio. The first is to create the control program, and the second is used for transmission to the control unit milling machine. In function NCStudio also includes the overall management of the operation of the machine. Supported file formats G code, U00, MMG, PLT. Optionally provided in the configuration of the DSP controller that allows you to work with the machine without connecting a PC.


Its total mass is 250 kg. This value is due to a massive bed of cast iron, which gives the necessary strength to the machine and at the same time provides the best conditions for obtaining good surface finish.


Dimensions working area X, Y, Z equal 600х900х150 mm. These values allow you to cover most standard works on milling and engraving slabs. For the movement of the positioner in the X, Y, Z corresponds stepper drive. Positioning accuracy is quite high and amounts to ± 0.05 mm. For transmission of the torque from the actuator EfE directions X, Y and Z used gear and ball screw transmission, respectively. The use of the latter allows to reduce the noise during operation of the machine.

dimensions desktop equals 720х1140 mm. It has a coating of aluminum, which is mounted on top of the lining of the polymeric material. This is done to protect the table surface from damage by contact with the workpiece and the tool. In fact, the table provides T-slots to arrange the fastening of the workpiece.


a special Feature is the passive spindle with water cooling. This ensures continuous operation of the equipment at high speeds for quite a long time, which is important in mass production.

spindle Speed can be changed in the range from 6000 to 24000 rpm. Electric power is 1.5 kW.


Used to perform milling and engraving works in the following spheres of activity:

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