Гравирование нержавеющей стали

with regard to the processing of stainless steel. It is rather not hard, but viscous. Easier to process iron, he’s a prick. Take a sheet ПВХ10. (tried on a sheet 400х800) put the cutter with PSOM sharpening of 90 degrees. deepen 4-7 mm.. not diesem.

Machining stainless steel

Do inside the two holes under vacuum. you can and whichever one a vacuum cleaner. do Board from the same 10mm.. sheet metal (stainless steel should be more than cut squares. it mini-vacuum-table. put a sheet of iron. up to 1 mm sucks. and cut. unforgettable this mini Desk attached to the main table.

I Have such a place sucks through the vacuum. about cropping do not pursue spindle rotation cutting for 0.2-0.5 2-3 tysch revs. Trahiras, comfort in the fact that the sheet sticks and not going anywhere. the vibration is gone. sometimes if the parts are small drilled holes and screws. that would not have escaped.

Remember that serious work on steel (including stainless) on the machines light class is impossible. But this does not mean that you can not work at all. Mill steel is better to use specially designed for processing of steel (the hardness you gonna cut, the data description of the tool), they are at the correct sharpening angles and stuff. You must take into account the cutting parameters (especially the frequency of rotation of the tool).

For the engraving and cutting of steel is engravers from CPA, there are long, but the price tag is very high.

There’s this thing called aniline acid, apply it on the area of stainless steel where will engrave and engrave. She razmeschaet upper metal layer, thereby the load on the etcher will be less.

the cutting engraver need to not count on the size of the tip, and on the effective diameter, which is obtained at a working depth of cut.
the Tips of the engravers in the processing of stainless steel broken for three main reasons:

1) poor polishing of the cutting edge;

2) the runout of the system tool-collet-nut-mandrel-spindle;

3) lack of rigidity of the machine (you have correctly described one of the negative processes during cutting, resulting from miestnosti) and «soft» characteristics of the spindle (that is, momentum can swim with fluctuating load).

I think the main problem engrave thin steel and stainless steel is to align the sheet. The difference in height is 0.1, and the thin engraver is broken.

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