End mill for aluminum

Aluminum alloys have a tendency to adhere in flutes reducing the chip, and then the cutter stops cutting for obvious reasons. The loss of the cutter’s ability to cut aluminium entails a deviation from the surface, and sometimes to breakage of the cutters on aluminium.

Special geometry for milling in aluminium

Therefore, to avoid breakage, it is important to use dedicated tools (end mills for aluminum), and carefully choose cutting conditions and necessary treatment when milling aluminium with coolant. You need to remember that when milling aluminum chips are very long and viscous, so to improve its drainage is better to use cutters for aluminium with the angle of the screw grooves min 40 degrees. With the decrease in the number of teeth of milling cutters for aluminium and increased chip space. I recommend the use of cutters for aluminium with 2 teeth, this allows the use of efficient cutting parameters without compromising surface quality.

General view of mill for aluminium


Special cutting geometry for machining of aluminium

With the increase in the front angle on the cylindrical and end mills for aluminium improves chip flow and the load during cutting, so it is best to use cutters for aluminium with the front corners close to 20 degrees.

Rear corners sufficiently affect the friction of the tool and the workpiece material. With a slight shock, I came to the option to sharpen the back angle of 15 degrees and the second angle to replace potoci the back of the head on the mill for the aluminum.

View from the top, one long tooth, the second short


the Mode of cutting with a milling cutter for machining aluminium

the Cutter is better to take 10 mm diameter;

the Feed per tooth up to 0,6 mm;


cutting Depth-2 passes for 14 mm and 1 finishing at 2 mm.

note on sharpening the front surface of the transition radius

note on sharpening the front surface of the transition radius on the mill for the aluminum. At the transition cutting edges should also be rake angle as large as but not greater than 20 degrees. Recommended alloy manufacturing mills for aluminum — solid alloy, preferably of a modern type D460uf.


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