Electric sanding machines for wood

Sanding machines take most of the physical load on this type of treatment, but even vibration — the so-called «finishing» — the grinding machine will not be able to give such a surface and that the master said ready for polishing. It will take some time to remove tiny scratches remaining after polishing machines.

elektroshlifovalnaya machine

The Belt grinding machines for processing wood products

They have a «Continuous» — a closed ring — a strip of emery tape on a fabric basis, stretched on two shafts. A flat plate between them presses the abrasive tape to the surface of the workpiece. The engine rotates only the rear (drive) shaft and the front shaft adjusts the tension and stroke of the canvas.

Belt sanding machine and remove the wood very quickly and are used for processing large surfaces of solid wood and artificial wood materials. They are also used in metal finishing and in order to remove the old layer of paint.

sanding wood


belt Size

Belt grinding machines are classified depending on the size of the abrasive cloth. Small lightweight machines have a tape width of about 60 mm and a length of about 400 mm. in larger machines, the canvas is 75 x 533 mm and 1 00 x 610 mm. Large machines are heavy and work them for a long time continuously is exhausting. The speed of the tape Most tape machines have a speed range from 190 to 360 m/min; on some models the speed is regulated by electronics. Some professional models have a speed of up to 450 m/min for the accelerated processing of wood and faux wood materials.


tape change

On most models is a simple operation. The tension is weakened by the lever located on the side of the car, then, after removing the old canvas, new fits over both shafts. The arrows drawn on the tape must match the arrow on the case, as the seam on the canvas to leave at work if it’s moving in the wrong direction.

a New tape is tensioned by the return of the lever to its original place. Starting the engine, an adjustment knob is possible to set the uniform location of the tape on the shafts and full overlap of the clamping plate of the canvas.


Remove dust

All grinders are equipped with dust bag. This is a very important attribute when sanding wood, but it has to be removed by processing the metal surface to prevent fire from sparks.



Choose a grinder with casinoplatinum body, stitching from electric shock.



Continuous mode of operation and switch

the machine’s power Switch can be locked with the button on the handle to set the continuous mode of operation.


Auxiliary handle

It would be difficult to raise and lower the machine with the surface of the product without the help of an auxiliary handle in the front of the case. However, conveniently, when the second removable handle in order to be able to work close to any obstacle.



Removable grinding frame, enclosing the abrasive tape, prevents protecive deep grooves in case of an accidental tilting of the machine on the surface of the product, damage thin plywood and rounding the sharp edges.


security Measures

Grinding machine were dangerous to handle tools, but rude tape moving at a high speed, can inflict a very painful wound.

Follow General safety requirements for the operation of the electric tool and special — for work with grinding machines listed below.

Always when sanding wood products install on the machine the dust bag, but if a dust extraction system can not cope with the volume of the waste, use the respirator, mask, etc.

hold the machine with both hands and do not put it to a full stop abrasive belt.



Abrasive belt

For roughly processed surfaces, first use a coarse grit belt, then the fabric is medium grade grit and finish with fine abrasive to urate small scratches left by the previous treatment. Torn, soiled or worn-out cloth will damage the item, so requires immediate replacement.

grinding machine


belt sander

Turn on and lower the machine to the workpiece. As soon as the abrasive hits the surface, start to move the car forward, if you keep it in one place, will leave deep scratches that will be difficult to remove.

Grind along the grain, parallel passes, overlap. When removing old paint or sanding very rough surfaces, first treat her car at an angle of 45° to the fibers in two directions and finish the operation along the fibers.

Try to keep the car on the surface of the workpiece horizontally, when approaching the edges of details, as they are very easy to fillet. Should be nailed to the edges of the part thin strips flush (flush) with the surface, especially when working with laminated materials to protect themselves from grinding the edges to the core. Before shutting down the machine lift it from the surface of the workpiece.



Use of grinding machines with the machine in a fixed position on

Belt grinding machines can be installed on the desktop in different positions. In the inverted position with the guide line tool can be used for grinding of long workpieces with square or beveled edges. Vertically mounted machine can process the end faces, and in position on the side — fittings.




Vibration grinding machines for wood

vibration grinding machine the strip of abrasive material stretched on a substrate is rubber that covers all the basis. A motor continuously moves the plate at a constant elliptic trajectory with small amplitude. Some models may switch to straight-line reciprocating motion for removing thin twisted scratches remaining from elliptic — vibration — steps.

Other modifications designed to implement the unorganized elliptical movement. The resulting scratch pattern from the abrasive as a result of disorder imperceptible.



the Size of abrasive cloths on

Although blades for grinding are made in accordance with the types of machines, the size of these canvases is proportional to the standard sheet size for hand sanding. Larger models are denoted by like cars on a half-sheet and machine for a third of the sheet with the grinding surface 260 and 1 67 cm2, respectively.

lighter vehicles are the size of a quarter sheet sanding area.


the grinding Speed

Speed vibration grinding machine is measured in meters per minute (m/min). Typically, this tool speed value is fixed and is in the range from 20 000 to 25 000 m/min, although there are machines with variable speed, which can be reduced to 6500 m/min. to work on painted surfaces. Values may be pre-set or change the pressure force on the button-trigger.



andDelta machine

Machine deltoid platform work in the corners of the products on narrow chamfers and other inconvenient places Usually can be pre-set to desired speed in accordance with the material being treated. Replacement abrasive cloth on a felt pillow turns grinding machine in polishing.

Machine deltoid platform


andRemove dust

Best models have a built-in dust extraction system. Channels at the base of the tool and suck the dust from the surrounding space and submit it to the dust collector. Some manufacturers put the protective covers surrounding the base and connect to the vacuum cleaner. Other models can through the corresponding pipe to be connected to the vacuum cleaner instead of dust bag.




Plastic housings not only reduce the weight of the grinding machines, but also insulate all conductive parts.

vibratory Disc grinding machine

When the grinding disk eccentrically moved, and simultaneously rotating, the surface is ultimately no noticeable scratches. These models rubber disc flexible enough to cope with convex and concave surfaces.




Abrasive sheets of wood

Abrasive sheets, regardless of size, can be classified according to the particle size of the abrasive material from the large to the fine (small) grain.

Go to finer grit as the disappearance of the scratches from the previous grade of abrasive material. Classes are used for coarse grinding the raw after sawing soft wood and other rough surfaces. Grade emery cloths medium to small grains give good handling and preparing the surface for finishing hand polishing. Thin veneer only use a very fine abrasive cloth.

There are materials with rare and tightly spaced on the basis of the abrasive particles. The first belong to the universal, and the latter is used when sanding soft resinous wood species, which quickly clog other types of abrasive cloths.

Some kinds of emery cloths prepariruetsya (punched holes in them) in their production. This increases the extraction efficiency. Against a standard abrasive tape, you can use the tools for punching holes. Usually emery cloth clamped on the ends of the platform, but there are self-adhesive varieties.


vibrating sander

vibroshlifovalnaya Move the car forward and back, parallel, overlapping strokes. When using coarse abrasive, be careful not to flood the (rounded) edges not to pierce through the veneer or not to stest the top layer of plywood. Much pressure on the tool, there is no need enough weight of the machine itself.


Finish vibroshlifovalnaya machine

to Achieve parallel movements, without efforts, partially overlapping portions of the surface.

the Use of small grinding machine

Small weight of the machine makes it easy to work overhead.

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