Movement of the actuators in CNC

For the CNC applies the unified marking system of coordinates recommended by standard ISO 841:1974. Coordinates indicate the position of the axis of rotation of the machine spindle or the workpiece and the rectilinear or circular displacement of the feed of the tool or of the workpiece.
In this case, the designation of the axes and the direction of movement of the machine is set so that the programming operation regardless of the motion of the part.

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The rotary hydraulic motors

General properties and description


the Rotary hydraulic motor is a hydraulic machine designed to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy due to message working on energy for rotation to less than 360 degrees (typically a maximum of 270 degrees).


In Fig. 1 shows the scheme of a rotary hydraulic motor. It is clearly seen that for it to work you must either create excess pressure in one sector, or area of low pressure in the opposite direction.

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