How to prolong the service life of the cutting tool

Smart manufacturers have learned long ago, that presently the ability to control costs is the most important condition for success. If You will be able to increase durability of the cutting tool, then You significantly reduce costs in the process.
Manufacturers of tooling very well understand it, so the latest achievements in the field of mechanical engineering technology focuses on increasing the value of resistance of the cutting tool. We will tell You that you invented in recent times to increase the tool life.

Here are five main factors that helps manufacturers to reduce the cost of cutting tools.

mill with increased stoiomst

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The threading

Проанализировав способы получения  резьбы разными производителям позволяет повысить эффективность и рентабельность нарезки резьбы в отверстиях. В этой статье я постарался представить плюсы и минусы различных методов получения резьбы:

1. Нарезание внутренней резьбы метчиками.

2. Нарезание наружной резьбы плашками

2. Фрезерование резьбы,

3. Точение резьбы,

4. Шлифование внутренней резьбы.

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The cutting of metals

the Process of cutting is the process of dividing the workpiece. During this process, remove the excess of metal, called the seam allowance. on
Cutting can be performed manually using a chisel and mechanical devices.on
manual cutting Is (often used at the farm) and mechanical.on
the Performance of mechanical cutting method increases up to 6 times.
cutting metal

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pin connections

Nagelny connections are carried out rather easily and quickly. In the basis this connection end-to-end strengthened plug-in wooden a thorn.mi or a pin.mi which are pasted in openings are drilled in both connecting parts. In time personal options the design is used in frame and frame. Nagelny connections are widely used the furniture maker as cheap substitute for classical standard connections. At manual production difficult times the metochnykh of works aren’t required, and by means of the nagelny conductor they in general become minimum.


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