Metal processing

Metal processing tool machines

In this article, we will discuss the questions for the most part DIY. Namely, we study the design of the drilling machine that you can build at home and use it accordingly in the household. And need to solve this problem, only just, improvised material.

Homemade drill press

Scan used for finishing holes previously obtained the drilling, sankaralingam PLI boring. They produce holes with tolerances of a wide variety, starting from 5 and ending with first class precision, while providing a 6-7 and even 9 classes of surface finish.

Reamer and its types

In this article, we consider conical mills that have a design feature – the shape of a cone. Also, have a small diameter of the tip of the cutter. This distinguishes them from other types of cutters. This mill is mainly made from tungsten carbide. Due to the taper of […]

Mill cone

the Increasing requirements for the screwing of the screw pairs, ensuring interoperability and durability of threaded connections require improved accuracy and surface finish of manufactured threads. In addition, the broad implementation in industry of stainless and heat resisting steels, as well as a sharp increase in production volumes and automation […]

Types of thread rolling tools

Drill press is one of the key equipments in modern engineering activities. Such a machine is indispensable and necessary due to their features of work – this is known to every employee workshops, factories, enterprises. Very popular machines Corvette company. On one of them we will focus our attention.

Drilling machine Corvette