The use of the gauge tube for CNC machines

the caliber of the tube is the first measuring tool used to check the mating parts. Caliber cannot be measured, and it is intended only for hit-testing the resulting size is within the specified range. the caliber of the tube was formerly the principal measuring tools in the engineering industry, but the emergence of CNC machines has made adjustments.

Kit gauges plugs

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Design and form mold

the mold for casting under pressure is a tool used in conditions of cyclic temperature changes by several hundred degrees. In these working conditions to produce the desired casting quality press form is made to the nearest 0.05 mm . To fulfill this condition, engineers and technologists in the molds developed many design solutions to simplify and accelerate the process of their production.

press form for metal

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Bending of sheet metal

Heating sheet metal is often used for bending pipe or sheet metal made of non-ferrous metal, such as copper and its alloys. For this purpose it is best to use segment knife or are bent knife, which consists of a set of segments of different widths, to improve the quality flexible. Various combinations allow to bend the fragments of completely different widths. Such a flexible, well-proven preheated sheets of copper alloy. In modern production presses for metal bend hydraulics. Several times fork bending machines which used the energy of flywheel, and a couple of times watching the operation of the pneumatic scissors constructed according to the tangential type.

Flexible sheet material

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