The manufacture of the blades of the pump

increase the precision manufacturing blades of the pump, often used in aviation you can use the suggested method. When machining in a single setup significantly increases the volume of material passing into the chip, but up to 40% decreases the cumulative error between blades. When venny the process is quite handsome. Processing of aluminium produced by the end mill Ø6 mm, feed per tooth 0.8 mm, serve (S)= 4.8 mm, cutting speed 32 mm/s.

Tub for washing tool before spraying

the Air bubbles in the bath to wash before spraying circulating in solution and in the fall, between the cleaned surface and pollution. The bubbles stick to the dirt and off dirt particles in the explosions of the vacuum holes. The pressure of the explosion can reach 1000 bar, and thus there is no surface damage. The result is a perfect cleaning even in hard to reach places.

Cleaning tool with ultrasound

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The technology of production in the tool shop

Tool shop is engaged in production and repair of molds, cutting, carving and measuring tools and devices. Accuracy requirements for the production tool shop above 15-20% when compared to the main production shops. This leads to higher requirements to precision equipment for the tool shop. — Established and accurate technology in the tool shop not usually associated with small quantities manufactured in the shop.

tool Manufacturer in the tool shop

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Ukrainskoe aircraft pros and cons of Association with the EU

«the Ukrainian aircraft industry will benefit greatly from the adoption of the Agreement on the unity between Ukraine and the European Union, as aviastroenie Ukraine poluchit the latest technological solutions, enabling the development» – in the words of President-General designer of «Antonov» Dmitry Kiva published in the international Dubai Airshow-2018.

Dmitry Kiva

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