Milling cutter for aluminum

How to choose to choose a milling cutter for aluminum for profit

Types of milling cutters for metal
Any novice master, faced with the necessity of metal processing, we have to look for the information about what are cutters. Describe the most common types of cutters for the purpose.

Often end (or finger) cutters for the metal used to create grooves, contour ledges and recesses, handling of mutually perpendicular planes.

End mills are divided into several types according to the following criteria:

monolithic or soldered cutting elements;
with conical or cylindrical shank;
for the finishing of metal (small teeth) or coarse (large teeth).Tungsten carbide end mills are used to work with ill-treated metals – steel, cast iron and others Among end mills also emit spherical (ball) and required for processing of the recesses of spherical shape, the radius used for sample of grooves of various shapes, fungal – carbide cutters for the T-shape grooves on workpieces of iron, steel, non-ferrous metals.

To the limit also includes engravers, or milling cutter for engraving machine used for the processing of precious metals, copper, brass and other materials.

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